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Design with intention


Project Brief: Design, prototype and produce face shields to combat the COVID 19 crisis 

Face shield redesign

Designed around all abilities

Unlike competitors, the ergonomics, rigidity and needs of the face shield were designed around people of all abilities. The strong and simple construction, organic form and overall use, made the consumer base larger than ever before.

Jefferson Award Winner

The Jefferson Awards Foundation is the country’s longest standing and most prestigious organization dedicated to activating and celebrating public service. 

The Jefferson Awards Foundation was created in 1972 by the American Institute for Public Service. 

I was chosen by CBS TV Channel for proactiveness, teamwork and community service that helped many frontline workers during the PPE shortage

My story was telecast on August 5th 2020 in KPIX CBS Channel 5.

Concept Ideation

Due to the limited amount of time, ideation had to be quick, concise and effective to deliver the final product. 


bike idea5.png
Nurse And Patient

Nancy Brown


Works for 8-9 hours with patients suffering from COVID-19

face shield redesign2 (1).jpg

Rapid prototyping and production 

Prototyping was fast, efficient, and progressive. 3d printing was chosen as the method of manufacturing, and over 600 face shields were produced. at home and distributed to Kaiser, Sutter, Santa Clara County and Alameda County Hospitals.  



Final Design 

The face shield project helped identify me as a leader in helping with the PPE crisis during the pandemic.


After many deliveries, I recieved the Jefferson Award by CBS for my design as well as my community service at the time of the pandemic.


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