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Spexus: assistive glasses

Project Brief: Create an unobtrusive solution to combat everyday impairments faced by blind people

Brand Identity and Market

Statements without compromises

Our goal is to establish an accessible
brand for those who are visually impaired
by incorporating advanced technology and providing
a comfortable fit while still keeping a modern and
causal look. Spexus is designed to help visually
impaired people navigate the world independently.


Next: HUM 



Target: 19-70 years old

Info: Living his life as a project manager at Google, he desires integration into the nonimpaired society without attention

Competitor products



Face/product recognition

comes with speakers



Weight gets pushed to a single side



Adaptable to any condition

Vision enhancement


Heavy and expensive

Bad form factor


Sketches and Ideation

Power with looks

With competitors in mind, the goal would be to make iconic glasses without pushing them into the limelight. The design should retain merits beyond its technological value, and hold the compenents without having people question what they are wearing.

Technology and storyboarding

Less is more 


Because the design was limited in space and form factor, choosing tech wisely remained essential to keep the glasses as a viable product. 

Proven concepts like bone conducting headphones and vibration motors would communicate to the users a feasible amount of info, without placing the glasses out of the realms of production 

glasses storyboard.tif

Materials, Processes and CMF

Pragmatism to science fiction

While the technology is the focus, the process of creation remains vital to the product. The main frame will be created with a duroplast like cotton, molded to simulate carbon fiber. The part will be injection molded and filament welded together to avoid seams. 


Carbon Fiber Weave

Pantone 457 PC 

Pantone 464 PC


Final Product

Blend of style and necessity 

With 180 viewing technology and aesthetics rivalling established manufacturers, Spexus was a success in merging assistive technology and industrial design. 

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