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HUM: the wireless charger

Project Brief: Create a professional wireless charger for limited production

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Brand Identity and Market 

When establishing our brand, we wanted to emphasize a "homely" almost timeless emotional attachment to our brand. The products under the brand would take inspiration from world cultures without sacrificing the ergonomics in everyday life.



Target: 24-50 years old

Info: Living his life as an international relations expert, sakura has a desire to tap into international design without sacrificing his deskspace


Right from the start, there was a focus to merge various eras of European Design with modern technology. These included old mirrors and railings from Spain, warm color schemes from contemporary bedrooms and modern transitional elements seen in today's automotive Design.


Concept Ideation

During the ideation stages, many different styles of European design were used to create a variety of concepts. Over a couple of weeks, these were narrowed down through feedback tests, mockups and ergonomic feasibility. 


Refinements were done to merge the design of the wireless charger with long term functionality. Aspects like the charging port placement, ease of assembly and long term durability were all considered. The 3d model was eventually rendered in keyshot and shown to potential buyers

Final refinements and

3D modeling

Color Material and Finish

Brushed Concrete

Pantone 7534C

In the Final CMF, warm and earthy tones were used to create a sustainable, homely undertone to the design of the product. Consistency in color and finish of the products were main considerations.


Woven Fabric

Pantone Warm Gray 11C



cast molded and sanded

2 tsp.



3D printed and upholstered

Screws and Glue

Final assembly work

2 tbsp.


Mainboard and coil


Assembly Process

Final product

From the market research to mockup and then eventually the final product, everything was considered and meticulously crafted to balance modern design, local materials and applicable manufacturing processes.


Final Packaging

The packaging design is intended to create a minimalist, beautiful user experience from the start. The back shows information about the company and the flaps contain other product choices for the users to buy next. 

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