Artron: The painter robot

Project Brief: Create a robot employing new technology with full feasibility. 

Problem: The troubles of painting

Time without payoff

Painting walls correctly involve time, dedication, and a large amount of skill. For these reasons, painting has been left to professionals over a matter of days, limiting the interior design market as well as the average DIY person. 

Reaching for possibilities

Statements without compromises

With the painter bot known as "Artron", DIY people and designers can sit back as the robot paints their walls through the powers of airbrushing. 



Brand Identity and Market

Statements without compromises

Our goal is to establish an accessible brand without alienating the higher end market. The brand name "Artron" was created to merge the world of art and robotics widening the market to be more inclusive

Inspiration: saturated independence 

Vibrance with intrigue 

The focus was made to appeal to the same markets as the Dyson vacuum, retaining a clear design and vibrant colors to please the eye.  

Ideation and Sketching

experimenting with manufacturing 

As well as aesthetics, the processes of manufacturing were vital in creating different concepts and ideas. playing with these elements aided balance and optimization in the final design 

Design refinement

modern approachability

When the design was finalized, it became a perfect convergence of manufacturability and brand appeal. The robot conveyed speed, and had character. 

Parts and Manufacturing

experimenting with manufacturing 

Parts were finalized and 3d modeled with their respective manufacturing processes. 

Filament welded

Carbon fiber composite

Injection molding

ABS Plastic

Final Design 

experimenting with manufacturing 

The final design used the contrast between the carbon fiber weave and the orange base to create the final product 

Carbon Fiber Weave

Pantone 021 PC 

Moldech MT-11600

Carbon Fiber Weave

CL Gry 1 PC 

CL Gry 6 PC