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 Design a new medical camera to stream and record operations for doctors and students to be used in AR/VR 

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medical resources 

Neither doctors nor students have widespread access to surgeries. This leads to many situations becoming approached "blind" rather than completely informed 

Untitled design_edited.png


Due to the lack of recording medical practitioners in surgery, surgeons can lack the same accountability for their practice

Untitled design (1).png


Since most headsets are retrofitted from VR headsets, they can often involve unforeseen bulk and a lack of portability 

Market and Use Cases 

medical practitioner

streaming for more information on how to conduct a surgery, or how to overcome a problem

Medical Practitioner

streaming for more information on a surgery 



Unifying simplicity

in my mood board, I wanted to focus on making the glasses feel sophisticated and modern, emphasized by the organic theme

Untitled design (2).png

Ideation and Concept sketches

Unifying simplicity

Concept Creation focused on honoring the legacy of AEKI through product research and product sketching.

portfolio 8chili package_edited.jpg
portfolio 8chili package.50.jpg

Final Product

Focused on minimalist design with an ease of assembly, the furniture set is a perfect fit for the AKEI product line. Focus was about emphasizing materials and realism in renders

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