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emergency render .110.jpg

Backpack Design

Project Brief: Create a professional, cohesive Backpack design showing knowledge of softgoods 

Inspiration Board

Merging design with pragmatism

Through studying the world of softgood design, I started to notice long lasting designs often have iconic silhouttes, characterful design choices and subtlety. 


understood intricacy

woven geometry


Andrea Harrison

Bicyclist and messenger

A messenger and doordash deliverer in New York, really taking into account covenience, ease of use among all else

Target market and audience

utilitarianism meets minimalism

As a resident of crowded New York, Andrea desires a backpack which will have space while still keeping her on the move

Ideation and Concept sketches

form development

During the ideation phase, I focused on creating a variety of forms, shapes and proportions to fit the target market


polygonal minimalism

polygonal minimalism


Final Product

Based on the polygonal aesthetic, the backpack uses stretched fabric and a cloth weave to create an iconic and understated design 

emergency render .111.jpg

Need to charge?

The drawer is more than just an aesthetic piece. With a 5000 mah battery, the drawer could wirelessly charge any modern smartphone to a full charge.

emergency render .118.jpg

Need a pen? 

Pens can be magnetically mounted on the back of the front pocket. Accessories include an earbud holder as well as a cable management area. 

emergency render .113.jpg

Pieces like the hinges and zippers are manufactured using steel and iron, giving a long lasting and rugged outlook on the product

emergency render .112.jpg

Product MSRP

Due to the use of high quality materials and strong internal frame, the backpack would cost around $149

Long lasting design

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