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Group Project with Kai Bannister, David Covarrubias and John Michael Hoffman

Project Brief: Design an ATV from the ground up

Inspiration: Organic, muscular design

While researching and analyzing the target market, we noticed the lack of fluid, organic design in the world of ATV. As a group, our goal was to defy this trend by maintaining a balance between durability and organic design. 


Ryan Nathan

Hiker and Rock Climber

Avid explorer looking for a balance between form and function

DSID 136 Buggy Project Group 4 Presentat

Brand Identity and Market

Our goal is to establish an accessible brand without alienating the higher end market. The brand name "Artron" was created to merge the world of art and robotics widening the market to be more inclusive.

Ideation and Sketching

As a group, we worked to surface model and design a buggy which was formed developed, utilitarian, and fully distinguished. The final design became an evolution of all of our ideas formed into a singular, cohesive body. 

untitled.140 (1).jpg

Primary role: interior design

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While I had a large amount of input on the exterior form development, the interior was where most of my work was placed. 

Balancing form and simplicity, the interior was created to be put together and dismantled with ease.

Secondary role: computer rendering

When the design was finalized, computer rendering became a large role in understanding the true form and utility of the vehicle. These are some of the reasons why I was designated the role of rendering the vehicle, complete with context shots and CMF.

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