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Cact: the adaptable desert shoe 

Project Brief: Create a shoe that can be used for the changing terrain of the Desert 

Duration: 3 weeks

Copy of Wild Actors.png

Desert: an untapped market 

While around 33 percent of the world remains as desert, few shoes are solely made with desert living in mind  


Preferred Desert shoes 

due to the lack of a custom shoe in the market, people attempt to find shoes intended for other uses to wear on the daily


medium trekking shoes 

heavy desert boots 

lightweight water slippers 

Wild Actors.png


The shoes form came from taking softer shapes and merging them with rougher patterns and forms.

However, with such diverse desires, modularity became something that was became a highlight to try to implement into the final design. 

Wild Actors.jpg


renders focused on making the "idea" of a modular shoe into an understandable concept that I could 3d model


Final Design 

The final design used the desert setting and created a shoe that can be turned into a boot, or even have the tread replaced altogether. 


Form 1: shoe

Perfect for going on the beach, or a small hike, the easy pull up design allows for fast wearing and long lasting comfort 

Form 2: boot

Going off the beaten path? the boot will allow for a better seal against sand and a fast transformation

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